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Hate: The Worst Of! book

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A compilation of the best material from the first six issues of Hate fanzine, Hate: The Worst Of! is a cut 'n' paste howl of rage against celebrity culture, featured in both AA Bronsons' Queer Zines book and exhibition.

Targeting your most-hated famous folk, Hate: The Worst Of! features 144 bumper pages of laugh-out-loud and completely made-up news stories, gossip and general perverseness as well as original artworks and collages. This 1st edition is a limited, hand numbered run of 1,000 copies. Only around 30 copies remaining!

Get a video preview of the book and read more about Hate.

Here are my TOP 10 highlights from the book...

1) SOAK CHERYL! Destroy Ms Cole's constantly surprised look with this cut out and keep human bukkake mask!

2) DEAR LORRAINE Lorraine Kelly quits her breakfast show and offers her own unique advice to readers in her problem page.

3) WHICH POP POOF WOULD YOU PUMP? Follow the flowchart to find out if you fancy a bit of rough like Abs from 5ive or some posh totty like Will Young.

4) EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEWS with Phil from Big Fun (he did bongs with Sinitta!) and Matthew from Bad Boys Inc (Paula Yates tried to shag him!)

5) THE JUICE ON GERI'S DIET Geri VeryUnwell's weight-loss secret revealed - cumshakes!

6) BEAUTY AND THE BEAST A love photostory starring Jade Goody and Jeff Brazier.

7) DEAD GOOD What happened to our favourite mortal pop stars? Mel Appleby, Milli Vanilli, The London Boys, Zac from EMF...

8) MADGE HUNG UP ON HORSE LOVE Madonna dumps Guy Ritchie for another old nag as she falls in love with her stallion!

9) WHO YOU KIDDIN"? Which children's TV presenters are batty boys or not? Starring Andi Peters, Toby Anstis, Tim Vincent and some random people from Blue Peter that look like they could be...

10) OLIVER TWISTED! Miquita Oliver mauled to death by big pig at Hackney City Farm! Yeah!

'Hate: The Worst Of!' Edited + art directed by Calvin Holbrook. A5 on mixed coloured paper. 144 Pages. Published 2010.